Monday, July 7, 2008

More Jellyfish

Hannah, Elizabeth and I walked the beach this morning and spotted
stranded jellyfish left and right. Most had been flung up into the grass
by the tide. They are the most amazing creatures! Hannah, who just
turned ten, asked how it was that I could have a twenty-two-year-old
son and just have gotten married last December. Well. When I told
her that I'd been married first to another man, had children, and my first
husband had passed away, she said, "Oh! I'm sorry! Perhaps I shouldn't
have asked you that question?" She had more presence of mind
than many adults -- dear girl! What a joy it is to be around these
lovely children. I sent them each home with one of my collage cards
and a bag of six chocolate chip cookies, which, I told them, they
were not obliged to share.


  1. I love the Jelly fish pictures!

  2. Thanks, Em. They are kind of mind-blowing, sitting out there all quiet and without fanfare on the rocks.

  3. These photos are so fantastic.....very abstract and artsy....wonderful!!!