Thursday, July 31, 2008

My new obsession with collage art has turned me
into somewhat of a Stamp Geek. Not rare stamps,
but those that appeal to my sense (I hope it's sense)
of what I'm attempting to create from these scraps
of paper spread out over my table. I've been collecting
paper(s) most of my life, with some (until now) unknown
ultimate goal other than the filling of empty shoe boxes.
Been gleaning techniques from the various artists for whom
I have toiled. Taking notes. Going to art museums.
Storing up, and the stores are bursting.


  1. I like the "spread out over my table" part.

  2. i love stamps and postmarks too!
    T- have you been to the stamp store
    in Renton? It's old timey!

    candy took me there once. You can
    look through bins of stamps and buy
    them one at a time if you wish.
    I hope it's still in downtown Renton.
    you can buy envelopes with postmarks,
    old handwriting.....


  3. ya! candy and i need a field trip
    to Renton led my premium t!