Saturday, July 5, 2008

Apple Pie and Eggs

Actually, Apple Galette. The Official Apple Pie
has been consumed, digested, and converted to pounds
which are at this moment settling somewhere undesirable.
And check out those eggs! I scrambled some this morning --
the speckled one was nearly too beautiful to crack open
but it wasn't going to do me any good in the fridge.
The yolks were orangeorangeorange. Absolutely delicious,
along with some 'streaky rashers' -- bacon.


  1. Egg lookalikes: my cousin lives on a ranch out at Lake Travis, here in Austin, where she keeps chickens, goats, and horses. The eggs she brings me look just like these! And, yes, the yolks are intensely orange.

    Love the new-camera sunset photos, too. :-)


  2. Nita -- You are a lucky woman!
    I'd love to get eggs such as these on a r-egg-ular basis!

  3. what a lovely galette. I am a total waste when it comes to making pastry crust.

  4. rj -- follow my tutorial (July 4th post) -- if you can roll out play-dough you can make my crust recipe.