Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Groovy photos, yes? My camera spontaneously snapped these
as it tumbled to its death. Bounce, crack, shatter.
The lights are out now until we can find a suitable
replacement. Boo. Hoo. (Can you see the consternation
wrinkling my brow?)


Errand day. Paul took more than a dozen pub-front photos.
We bought Official Trash Sacks so that our Official Trash
can finally be carted off by the Official Trash Collector.
Found some interesting paper at the stationary store.
Mailed art-cards. Bought the current copy of the Mayo News.
Stopped in at the Jesus store looking for holy cards. (No dice.)
Bought a blue woven wrap. Drank a Coke-Zero. Checked out
the pamphlets at the Catholic church. Sat by the river
and read the Mayo News. Drank a brandy-port at The Jester.
Talked to assorted people. Ate bangers and mash
at Twigs. Listened to two young boys play trad. music
on an accordian and concertina at the Gig Rig in the center
of town (outside). I'm sure there was more but that's enough
to mention, I think.

Warmth! Sun!


Paul has posted a quite marvelous entry today.
Not to be missed.


  1. Oh, you are so up on the times! Apparently this is a new photographic trend. You set your shutter (somehow) and throw your camera up in the air so that it snaps pictures while it's falling. If you're lucky, you catch it before it hits the ground.

    (Heard about it, haven't tried it.)

  2. Wow! Didn't realize I was so hip!

  3. We're ahead of the game. In this case, the camera crashed to the ground and snapped random pix while in its death throes. I liken it to the days when Pete Townsend smashed his guitar at the end of a Who concert.

  4. Oh yeah, it's EXACTLY like that.

  5. Ahhhhh, what a tragedy but what a tribute as it looked back at you one last time......a terrific picture!!! I wonder if that's what we see as we breathe our last; just a fleeting glimpse of those we love the most.