Sunday, July 6, 2008

White Horse Frolic

We were driving by and saw this horse running and kicking
and leaping across his pasture, so of course I had to
stop and record it, only, when he saw me, his curiosity
got the best of him, and he also stopped to check me out!
Run horse, run!


  1. He could be a Faerie horse.

    That was a lovely sequence. He comes into frame, and disappears behind a tree.

    He? She? is a beautiful horse too.

    Love, C.

    I know, you don't know me. But your husband met mine at the EMP conference in April, and he has you on his blog roll, and refers to you all the time. I come and look at your blog -- your photos are breathtaking, as well as filled with all kinds of data.

  2. Foxessa, welcome to Premium T.!
    I read your comments on Paul's blog....(and feel like I do know you!) Thanks, --T.

  3. O good, then I don't seem so much like an unexpected Intruder into your home!

    Love, C.