Sunday, July 20, 2008

I spent a good part of yesterday cooking:
pulled pork shoulder with homemade BBQ sauce,
vinaigrette potato salad, cabbage-yogurt slaw,
buttermilk biscuits, and a Pavlova for dessert.
The meringue for the Pavlova wept, then stuck
to the parchment, so it cracked and crevassed a bit
when I attempted to pry it free, but piled with whipped
cream and three kinds of berries, it utimately was glorious.
I'll never fail to be amazed that you can begin
with four egg whites -- slimy, translucent goo -- and end up
with a thick white puffy delicately-crunchy sweet
cumulous-cloud confection. I could have eaten
all of it myself. (But didn't.) Paul, PK and Ashley
shared it with me, sitting on the newly refinished deck,
pots of my new herbs surrounding us, in the generous shade
of maples, Douglas firs and cedars. Happy to be home.


  1. I spent a good part of yesterday doing the same thing. I made sweet potato gnocchi and baked baguettes. I was freezing all day and it was good to have the oven on. Welcome home.

  2. Sweet potato gnocchi sounds divine.
    I was hot all day, with the fan on.
    I'd perish if I lived where it's truly hot.

  3. Ohhh, to be in cooler climes! 100+ yesterday, so hot and dying in this constant heat, no rain, no rain in a month! And too hot to cook! Sure wish I coulda been there to help you eat that fabulous meal! :-(

  4. I truly believe that taking pleasure in a good meal shared with friends and family is one of the main points of being here.

    It's one of those things some angels fall to earth to experience. Stripped of angelic, ethereal joys forever, they suffer their loss gladly and help themselves to seconds.

    And call out for more wine.

    You done good, girl!