Thursday, July 17, 2008

The drive home tonight, 18 miles of traffic:
nearly unbearable, the tonnage of too-little-sleep
bearing heavily on my consciousness. The cars
and the cars. Thousands of them. Zip zip zip.

And now, on the deck which I'd call pastoral
if there were a pasture of any sort in sight:
a neighbor girl practices piano, elementary,
one, two keys at at time. Plunk plunk plunk.

Back to the routine of work and the handling
of fragile objects, only now there is a 12-week kitten
skittering in and out. Long-bodied, ear-fluffed.
Rather too cute. And not mine.


  1. ahhh, Tigger-Lou!
    what a kitty.

  2. Lavender Festival on Vashon this
    weekend. I helped harvest once
    while I was on vacation earlier
    this month. They will have a harvest
    next week and use volunteers if you
    know someone interested.

    welcome home!

  3. The Lavender Festival sounds very Provence!

  4. your so funny about that.

  5. The kitty looks delightful--and I love it when they splay out like that with their bellies up, so utterly trusting.

    As for that commute: T., the Sound Transit 545. Seriously. I remain open for any mass transit consulting. And you can read when you're on the bus!

  6. It looks like that kitty has chosen you as its human. I'm just saying.

  7. Maybe we'll have to have a little bus date. Seriously, the bus is awesome. I've been riding between Seattle and Redmond for four years now. I drive only when I must.

  8. Okay Joannie. I indulged your bus fantasy and went to the Metro website and did an itinerary. Ready? I only work part-time, a four-hour shift M-F, and it's in Southeast Seattle. To get to work by 1pm, I'd have to leave my house at either 10:30 or 11:00, then transfer either 3 or 4 times. And I'd have to ride through Rainier Valley -- probably the least savory of bus routes in the city. Sigh. I'd kill for some really good public transportation. You are lucky to be on such a direct route!

  9. Mea culpa.

    Or Metro culpa.

    (If only we had the Paris Metro.)