Wednesday, July 16, 2008


To bed at midnight. Awake an hour later
certain that it's dawn. Asleep. Awake
at three with the same certainty. Awake
again at five and I said "fuck it."
Still awake, six hours later. I staggered
around Whole Foods for an hour shopping
for coffee and somehow the coffee (which ended
up taking the entire basket) cost $200. Oh.

It's glorious summer in Seattle with lovely
cool mornings, a bit of a breeze. I must go
shopping for herbs, now that I'll be in town
for a while: thyme, sage, chives, oregano.
Big bursting terracotta pots of sun-hungry herbs.
Must pick up my geraniums which friend Drew
babysat for the month, and kitty Sally at Melinda's.
Must stop in and see my boys, see how my Brandon Street
garden fared in the heat minus my puttering.
Hang with Tip, Flip & Alice, my abandoned cats.
(Who don't seem to miss me or even notice me
when I visit them on Brandon Street where they reside
with my sons. How quickly allegiances shift.)

A desire for dinner parties: a bounty of summer's
harvest, berries & cake, jugs of Sauvignon Blanc.
The deck out back was restained when we were away
and now I can walk out there barefooted, no splinters!
Come one! Come all!


  1. That was a fast month!

    Thanks for all the posts--a virtual vacation--and welcome back.

    I've managed to (yet again) miss the prime lavender harvest, but if I can get my act together to cut it all back, I may get a second bloom.

    (I did have one inspired moment when I bought some lemon pizelles at the store and topped them with lavender-infused whipped cream and raspberries from my mom's backyard--and that's my herb story.)

  2. Oh! Lavender! How could I leave that off my list? And yes, that was
    a fast month! (Too fast, but it's great to be back.) Thanks, Joannie!