Friday, April 3, 2009

Birthday Boy (I mean Man)

Happy Birthday Bugman! Er, I mean, Reilly!
(Having a son turn 23 makes me feel, well, a bit aged.)
We're having dinner at Cafe Campagne.
Duck confit here I come!


  1. Oh, those pictures are so darling. What a beautiful boy! You've done a fine job Mom!

  2. Good job indeed, mom. He's a fine young man. They both are. Be proud!

  3. He's lovely.

    My man-child is 15 and still looks like a baby when he sleeps.

  4. Thank-you ladies.

    I too think he's a fine young man, and I'm NOT THE LEAST BIT BIASED.

  5. Happy Birthday to both you and Reilly. (Although the pictures don't really capture the young Reilly as energizer-bunny with mom or dad chasing after him, trying their best to keep up...they DO capture the sweetness that has always been there).

    Hard to believe it's been 23 years! Isn't it the best gift ever: a happy, healthy, kind, GOOD man!

  6. ahhhhh, precious photos, precious boy. My baby is turning 36 this month, sigh. Where did the time go?

  7. Piper says, "those are such good pictures. He's cute!" I agree. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Ah my daughter will be 30 this year. I must be old but am so clearly not. Lovely photos of your son.
    Hope you enjoyed the duck confit.

  9. Susan -- so nice to see you here! (And I'm sure you remember well the early days....)

    Ima: 36?! How does this happen?

    Robin, thank you, dear.

    elizabethm -- thanks for stopping by!
    And you are right -- we are so clearly not "old"!!

  10. Oops, I was wrong, he's gonna be 37 this year! Gulp!