Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vintage Sugar

For some reason, when I received this sugar egg
from my mother 40+ years ago, I decided not
to unwrap and eat it. Glad of that now!
When I decided to post a photo of it here,
I toyed with the idea of releasing it from its
four decades of polyurethane binding,
but decided not to mess with tradition, as it were.
As of today, this Frederick & Nelson ovum has survived
several earthquakes, a fire, young children, a marriage,
several deaths, cats, pollution, seizures, one lawsuit,
George Bush's presidency, four moves and global warming,
among other things.


  1. OH! I had one. I had one of those. Wow. Haven't thought of those in years, thank you.

  2. OmG T, that's the most amazing thing I've ever heard--that it has survived to achieve a sort of immortality in your blog! I bow in humbled gratitude.

  3. I had one of these! I ate it, ripped it apart all over my bedroom floor and it wasn't tasty but rather cardboardy. When I look at these now, I do so w/o appetite and appreciate the enormous delicacy of putting it together! Good for you for keeping it! I used to eat everything.

  4. Robin, I love the idea of you bowing down in front of the Blessèd Virgin Egg.

    Ima, finally! I know what I missed! Phew!