Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I learned a nifty trick at work today....

First, you need a bag of this Easter candy:

and a very small spoon (shown with cork for scale).

Place the eggs in a small bowl under a very warm lamp --

Give the eggs a few minutes to incubate
(notice the cracks beginning to appear).

Nearly hatched! And now you can...

...remove the "lids" and scoop out the melted chocolate!

(With thanks to Melinda!)


  1. oh, you may laugh. But just wait until you try it! You will feel ever so refined, like a Real Grown-up Lady! (and the shell tastes so good on its own at the end..)

  2. Slurping down the embryos of little brown birds

  3. Would this be a good time for me to mention my microwaved peeps recipe? In the spirit of the season and all...

  4. I wrote that piece about Patrick O'Brien. If you're interested I can e-mail the poem. My e mail is stonechat05@hotmail.com

  5. oddly, T and I were the only ones excited about the Delicate egg Delivery Display and the others (young men, mostly) just wanted to eat them outright, and didn't understand why we had such small spoons on hand, just in case. Huh. What does that say about us, T?

  6. Melinda, I'm not sure what that says about us, but I do want you to know that I just ate some very small pieces of toast. (Very small.)
    (The Tiny Foods Diet.)

  7. Ha, ha, ha.....small toast, oh you're killin' me! Ha, ha, ha

  8. I think perhaps you've stumbled upon the answer. I need a full set of very small cutlery, and very small plates and very small wine glasses and very small martini glasses and very small roasting pans and... well, I think the Tiny Food Diet is just what I/we need, T! Let's get busy on it!