Monday, April 6, 2009

It's National Poetry Month and if I were a well-behaved
poet I'd be doing things like writing a poem a day
and doing readings and promoting promoting promoting.
But, alas, I am not. I will not receive any poetry badges
this month. I was not a Well-Behaved Girl Scout
and I am not a Well-Behaved Poet. (Which reminds me
of a reply from a three-year-old I was babysitting
years ago, who said, when I told her she needed to
behave: "But I AM being-haved!" ) And my Girl Scout
leader still owes me badges. From the grave, as it were.
(And I kind of like that, in the "Write all about it!" badge
pictured above, the pen appears to be a red line across
the badge, as in "writing prohibited".)
(I can hear Mrs. Blonski turning over in her grave.)


  1. I'm not doing the poem-a-day challenge either. I'm a turncoat to fiction. :)

  2. Collin -- I do understand. (And you're even a judge on one of the challenges!) I'm a turncoat on a daily basis...I read so much fiction relative to poetry. Sigh. Wish I could write fiction!