Saturday, April 25, 2009

My all-black cat chomped down on my finger
yesterday, on either side of the joint. Now it's
a ten-day regimen of Augmentin and my doctor
told me not to use that finger for four or five days.
Said that I want to limit motion in it
so that the bacteria doesn't get into the tendons,
etc. So I shouldn't type or make pizza tomorrow
or go to work which is intensely hands-on
or play the piano. And I still love cats, even
this one. (I tend to get a little wild with the cats,
so I hold myself responsible.) But damn those
fangs are deadly.


  1. You did very well typing this message T. You must be using your other hand, one finger pecking.
    The last time I had to be put on augmentin was when I had a bone infection from a remodeling accident. I couldn't do the whole 10 days. I called the Doc and told him I can not take three more days of feeling this way. They wiped me out..... soooooo..... when you are feeling so fricken's not's the augmentin doing this to you.
    Time to put a CD of L.C. on and relax. Soak in that lovely tub you have all day long and read, read, read!
    Love ya,..........p

  2. Well dear, bad timing but we'll survive. I called Cara to come in tomorrow so that will help. Poor baby! Remember when you were all working away & I was sitting around with my finger in the air? And lucky you... It's your middle finger! So expressive...

  3. owwwwwww! I'll come visit you if I get packed tomorrow. Leaving Tuesday afternoon for UK. Take care til then...maybe your kitty was worried you were thinking of using those wicked-looking scissor tongs on her (or him?)

  4. An interesting thing about a cat bite: once you've had a bad reaction, you will almost never have another. It's like a tortuous vaccination. (I used to be a vet technician for two feline-only practices).

    One very large and vicious Siamese cat bit all the way through 3 layers of leather as he chomped his way up my right arm. There were multiple deep perforations from my hand to above my elbow. The entire arm turned beet-red and swollen and I had to have shots for the reaction - but I've been bitten many times since (in rough play, usually) and never another problem.

    And I still love cats too!! But ouch!! Heal quickly and make pizza next week - and please post your recipe!