Monday, April 27, 2009

Canadian bacon, green olives, mushrooms,
red onions, mozz., provolone & parmesan, a drizzle
of white truffle oil, a sprinkle of fresh lemon juice.
Can you say "sublime"?

R. and N. came for dinner, and my niece
and her boyfriend stopped by on their way
back up to B'ham. It's so great for the house
to be filled with the chatter of, well,
what exactly do I call them?
Kids? That doesn't sound quite right.
Young people? That makes me sound like an old codger.
Certainly not children.
College students? A bit stiff.
Familial twenty-somethings? Ack. No.
Filled with the chatter of people I love.
I guess that says it.

(And there are pizza leftovers for lunch!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, the pizza sounds wonderful (and I am so hungry right now). We're heading over to oldest son's to hang out and sup with him and his friends for his 29th birthday--and I know what you mean about the descriptor dilemma. I guess they are still kids and certainly people we love.