Monday, April 13, 2009

My son Nelson, whose painting graced my blog header
this winter, has four pieces in a show opening tomorrow
at South Seattle Community College, 1pm. I'll be there!


My little tortoise-shell cat Marble Cake
is playing with the strings of an apron
hanging from a hook in my kitchen.
How is it that cats can spring into the air
three and four feet from a standing position?
I am in awe of these sprightly critters.
(And just as quickly she's bored:
that apron-play is just so five-minutes-ago!)


  1. I hope Nelson did well with his art show! Boy, would I ever like to get my hands on him......I paint in layers and I think he'd love the depth that happens with this technique. I LOVE it that he's an artist!

  2. Thanks, Polly. I'll let you know he does!