Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Seattle. Re-entry phase. Dazed and dipsy.
Reilly has a sourdough starter fermenting
in the kitchen, and there were three ripe
cherry tomatoes on my single tomato plant
(I quickly consumed two).
Basement drain clogged with tree roots,
my personal plumber is out of town.
(One has need of a personal plumber
when one owns a nearly 100-year-old
home. Other people have personal trainers.)
Paul's house has suffered a bee-break-in,
and because of the current problems with
the bee populations, they can't be exterminated.
He's awaiting expert advice.
I'm awaiting Jim-Dandy Plumbers, two days hence.
Oh, and sleep. I've been up for 24 hours.


  1. welcome home, darlin! Sleep, sleep, sleep. Re-entry is the price you pay for such lovely adventures.
    It's usually bumpy. (for me, anyway).
    I welcome you back though!
    We all missed you!
    And Max even said so.

  2. finally, I remembered how to do this comment thing! Geeze...

  3. I called Sorreanos, I think they are very good, and very nice. I have an OVER 100 year old factory... oops, I mean home.

  4. Welcome home!
    Your Ireland trip sounds like it was a gas.