Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I fear that I expended all my blogging energy
that month we were in Ireland.....
now all I want to do is Blaaaaaahhhhhg.

The air smells good here in Redmond.
Lots of trees. Smells like I'm camping
except that I get up every morning
from a king-sized bed, as opposed to a queen-sized
rapidly-deflating air mattress. And we have
flush toilets, here in Redmond.
And I don't have to prime the stove.
I just turn the knob and bingo, it begins to glow.
Just like that!


I just made myself a martini
and dare I say it's damn good.
Stoli. A wisp of Vermouth.
Shake 55 times. Three olives,
preferably stuffed with jalapenos.


  1. never tried a martini, but the promise of a jalepeno stuffed olive just might entice me....

    a month on the emerald isle.....nirvana indeed!

  2. Well said. I'm blogging away in New Orleans and stumbled upon your page. Keep it up.

    the Albino Bowler

  3. albino bowler -- welcome to premium-t.! Be sure to check out