Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Poem

Collapsed Catholic

Not catechism, but a free press.
Not First Holy Communion, but at least one meal a day.

Not sin, but a human condition.
Not confession, but truth.

Not a hair shirt, but cashmere.
Not a martyr, but The Fool.

Not the Eucharist, but devil’s food cake.
Not his blood, but a ’59 Chateau Margaux

Not abstinence, but a condom.
Not Immaculate Conception, but contraception.

Not a priest, but a lover.
Not a nun, but a lover.

Not a sacred heart, but a stem cell.
Not a pope, but a popular singer/songwriter.

Not a crucifix, but an old growth forest.
Not a rosary, but good luck.

Perhaps a soul.
And a saint, always.

© T. Clear

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Dear T -- I'll bet a great poem. I can not read black on dark blue. With whatever glasses. Just so you know. xxoo Linda Ana

  3. Linda, my blog shows yellow on blue!

  4. There is a lot of truth here. I hope you make some catholics think ...

  5. not darkness, but illumination.

    brilliant, T.

  6. Not compromise, but debate. Not final answer, but constant change.

    I loved your poem. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  7. Matt, I think the problem is that many Catholics do think -- that they're right. Alas. Thanks for stopping by!

    Tara, yes, illumination! (Wait, isn't that what we're supposed to wait for in heaven?!!)

    A Cuban in London -- I think you nailed the crux of the matter: "not final answer, but constant change." The church has always resisted this.
    I'm delighted you stopped by!

  8. Yours for cashmere! And 'communion' with "devil's food cake" and '59 Chateau Margaux"!

    I admire the commanding voice.

    Mim in Massachusetts

  9. Hey,T. -- yes, loved the poem. When I checked again, the font was yellow on dark blue, not black. I have no understanding re. the change -- now it is only your previous publications that are black on dark blue, and illegible.

  10. not a priest, not a nun...no way.

    thanks, T: thought-provoking...and fun!

  11. Thank-you, Mim!

    And Susan, delighted you stopped by.

    Linda, I've discovered, thanks to you, that when I paste and copy a poem from word to blogger, it comes up black -- but oddly enough, not when it first appears on my computer, but only when I refresh, or when someone else reads my blog. Weird! Frustrating to get the color right, but P. helped me. All in all, though, I'm grateful for this medium, and don't miss my old Smith-Corona!