Monday, February 14, 2011

nine things more-or-less related to today

1. The average adult human heart weighs about 10 ounces.

2. I once gave a poetry reading on Valentine's Day, and only read poems that contained the word "love". Fourteen poems. Paul was there -- we'd only just begun to date -- and the reading was hosted by one of my bakery customers with whom I'd gone out a few times.

3. When I was newly widowed, I received, at the bakery, a bouquet of tulips with a card signed "from one of your admirers".

4. I've always coveted those lapel pins with an outline of a heart in red rhinestones.

5. Heart-shaped, iced sugar-cookies are sublime.

6. My son Nelson, at age four, for shoes wore only a pair of red cowboy boots.

7. Those old valentines, where you had to cut out and glue the envelopes? Bad idea.

8. Valrhona 85% Bittersweet Dark Chocolate + a glass of Ruby Port = Heaven.

9. When I say "Happy VD" I want to hear you clap.


  1. No 9 is a real blast from the past! Yuk.

    WV, SPLIST (is that related?

  2. Great nine, T. Did you hear me clapping?
    I'll be keeping a look-out for no.4 on your list. They sometimes turn up in auctions here. xo

  3. Strange paper fiend that I was/am, the envelopes are a fond memory.

  4. Ugh. L. and I had our first date on Valentine's Day. It was a nice date, no red flags at that point!

    V-Day is much nicer now.

  5. heart-shaped cookies, sprinkled with red crystal sugar that tickles the tongue....