Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We Intend To Have Fun....

....and we do.


  1. looks as if fun was had! Hard to believe he is 26! I remember well the kids running around on the beach and playing in the water when they were young...Laure's first trip to Seattle.

    What did you all eat for dinner?

  2. ¡Feliz CumpleaƱos!

    Love, C.

  3. Tara, I remember well that afternoon at the beach on Lake Washington. Such young children we all were back then!
    And Laurel, that lovely long blond hair....sigh.

    Hard to believe that she'll be that mom on a beach with her own sweet baby this summer.

    Dinner? French onion soup, linguine with a winter mushroom stew and house-made lemon ricotta. Dessert: chocolate caramel cake with cream. Cocktails, wine. Rich and marvelous (the food!).

  4. C., if I could ever convince my son to look at my blog, he'd see your birthday wishes. Ha. I'll pass them on to him!


  5. Hope you did have fun, & very belated birthday wishes to your son!