Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Martinis in the garden tonight after crazy long hours tending to glass surfaces. Applying dots to glass— by the thousands, one at a time. Fine-tuning glass, a microscopic eye to details. Pricing glass. Boxing glass. Loading glass in the rental truck (careful not to trip on bindweed). (Careful to avoid the climbing rose's lashing stem.)

I'd put off painting this very large piece until the very end, loathe to begin. But my hyper-focus actually was to my benefit, and I methodically painted inch by inch, the piece wedged between towels on the table in front  of me, black, then green, then a progression of mixed colors, layers, reds and golds and many variations, until it was done. Relief!
First thing tomorrow we build the booth: outer structure, floor, shelving, glass.

First thing Friday: $$$.

And to think: this job was one of the reasons for a divorce.

Go figure.

I love my job.


  1. That looks great. I'd love to see it 'in the flesh'. Good to see you have an electric fan!

  2. This job was a reason for divorce????? Wot tha hell??????

    You love it, of course, but I hope you can have some time to take easier in the days after the show.

    Love, C.

  3. Beautiful glass. Have a great show! I can't quite tell by the picture, so can you tell me about the piece you're holding.

  4. I think I would love that job as well. Hard work but creating such beautiful things. You are indeed blessed. Hope the sale goes well.

  5. Is that glass for iced tea or gin?