Thursday, January 2, 2014

Soap Bubbles or Ice? Or Both?

I've always wanted to do this, but it's never quite cold enough in Seattle.

Click on the link here for more photos.

 (And many thanks for Foxessa for pointing me to this!)


  1. Extraordinary. I would have though that the detergent and glycerine, that are usually in bubble liquid, would have stopped them from freezing. I wonder what the temperature could have been?

  2. At the moment here in NYC it's 13 degrees, which is up from 10 which it was when I got up. Tonight it will be 5. Gah. The cold from this latest storm is far worse a threat to people than the snow. 9 people have died so far. That's probably why the public libraries are opening at noon even though the other public institutions are closed, since they have in the last years become de factor warming centers in winter and cooling centers in summer. Yet, their budgets are slashed every year ....

    Love, C.