Friday, September 19, 2014


Another Dune day around the big table, the almost-over-summer-sun burning through the morning haze shortly after noon, the air warming to just about perfect, temperate, just short of balmy. C. announced that the lure of Dune is a great work incentive, and he grumbled about not taking the time to bring his lunch, which necessitated a walk down the hill for his meal, which meant we had to pause the recording.  A. settled in to her end of the table, quietly listening, applying masks. I expected to be more excited about this book than I am, but it's about war, essentially, and the war theme exhausts me. I can barely read the news these days without feeling like all the hate/violence/corporate-greed/corrupt-politics is boring into my skull with a suctioning dremel, extracting my brain matter, abrading my epidermis. Nothing seems to change. Maybe it's the onset of Old & Jaded, but whatever you want to call it, it's grim.

But not all grim —

The cosmos (flowers) whose seeds I gathered last summer from a neighbor's parking-strip flower bed have bloomed in a dazzling display of cross-pollination: pale pink with dark fuschia ruffled edges, white with pale pink edges, ruffled white petals with dark fuschia centers, fluted fuschia petals, dark fuschia petals with pale pink centers.....  The variations seem endless and provide daily fascination and delight. If I had my way I'd plant them up and down the street, an entire block of them, the beds eight feet deep, an elixir, a balm against all that is wrong in the world.


  1. Beautiful. (The post and the flowers.)

    The older I get, the more solace I find in nature when the evils of the world seem too much to bear.

  2. I still really like Dune, after all these years and re-readings.

    But, perhaps you all would have like Outlander more? That's all about the female gaze, rather than the male. But there is still war, despite all the authentic eros and romance, as well as suspense and adventure. In the present , the heroine has just come out of WWII, a field triage nurse, and in the 1740's, the Scots uprising against Britain is in the offing.

    In the meantime, it's the People's Climate Change March and associated events here in NYC.

    Love, C.