Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Turn Over A Leaf

Facebook has been overrun with autumn leaf imagery of late; and while I want to shout "Halt! Cliché!"— I must remind myself that there are no cliché images in nature, and that it's the redundancy of social media posts that wears down my usual sense of awe. Better to get out in it, as I made myself do this morning by walking to work instead of opting for laziness via automobile. And anyway, don't you find the undersides of leaves perhaps even more intriguing just by the nature of their understated nuances? No shouting here —


  1. beautiful shots, T. They are atypical for fall foliage, and I LOVE it. What a unique vision you have.

  2. Your Facebook friends are obviously of a superior class than most of mine. I get borrowed quotations by the tonne, and endless 'selfies' by those who consider themselves gorgeous. Autumn leaves would be very welcome.

    As usual, your photography is beautiful.