Saturday, October 24, 2015

Blackened, Sawn

No one blackens anything anymore but I blackened some tilapia for dinner and lamented the passing of food trends. Who cares about food trends? Certainly pas moi.

But that's what you eat after herding chickens all afternoon while constructing a garden gate from salvaged lumber and foraged bamboo.  (Lumber salvaged from my falling-down garage, bamboo foraged half a block away.)

Pleasure in hole-drilling, attaching the sawn (Japanese pull saw) lengths of bamboo to the 1x2 fir planks. All the while the feathered girls making a scratchy mess of my yard: pursuit of bugs. I seem to have forestalled my seasonal melancholy with my acquisition of poultry. And I gotta say, it's a complete surprise.

Cluck cluck.

What brings me joy?
—Dragging home 30' lengths of bamboo, scritchy-scratchy, all the way up the widewalk.
—Picking up a chicken (such docile creatures!).
—Making a clean cut with the saw.
—Seeing my gate take shape.
—No where to go but where I am.

Dear Reader, where do you find joy in your day?


  1. I enjoy being around my home. Like you, I also enjoy picking up a hen and stroking it for a short while.

  2. Walking in the river valley.
    Time with my granddaughter.

  3. I found instant joy in the fact that I thought you were making blackened swan because I have yet to learn how to read. I don't know why this brought me joy because I watched a man wrestle an alligator on the telly this morning and the indignity of it brought me to tears. xo

    1. RK, the moment I hit "publish" on this post I saw Blackened Swan and I'm delighted that brought you joy because I certainly felt more than a little amused at How The Brain Works sometimes.

  4. Getting into bed, FINALLY!

    And people's responses to The American Slave Coast, of course. But I don't get to see the moon or just be at all, and that's where the moments of joy have space to sprout.