Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Into Winter

Solstice, and the rain is never-ceasing. And even though from here on out there are fractions of additional light each day, it all seems like such a tease. One minute more of cloudlight, and I should feel more like rejoicing. But.

At work today I was packing things up for the two wholesale shows coming up in January and February, with the realization that I won't see these particular pieces again until late February/early March. Those dates seem an eternity away, nearly the entire-winter away. And here we are, first day of this dark season, mired down in mud.

The chickens don't seem to mind. Underneath those feathers they're cozy and warm, but their run is, at the moment, dirt-soup. Still getting 2-3 eggs every day. Bawk bawk. In their boredom they've disassembled the compost pile I started 6 weeks ago.

I used to love Christmas, but the years have wrung it out of me.

Taken three weeks ago, perhaps this photo is my balm for bitterness:


  1. Very odd weather over here. Sunshine every day, temperatures up around 15C, and no rain for weeks. Whilst most of the UK has been under water for weeks, and you're stuck in mud. I just don't understand it.

  2. Yes. Winter. Christmas. Oy vey. It's begun to rain here in southern California at last, but I have to say I already miss the sun. We're in for a long wet winter.

  3. We have sunshine here this morning and a bright blue sky - such a relief after all the dark grey days.

  4. I have changed my expectations about Christmas. I do what I want, and what I don't, meh, I don't. Except the obligatory visit to sister's house, we're pretty much lying low. That photo is a balm, and many more like it. Focus on those! Winter will be done in a flash, if the past few years are any indication.

    May peace surround you, darling T.

  5. 71º degrees, lowering skies, threatening yet more rain. Not at all seasonable.

    But I'm enjoying everything anyway. It took years to understand how to enjoy the holidays that in no way could or should have resembled what still always seems to me to be the only way to have real Christmas, the way it was when I was a child. But I haven't been a child for many years.

    I just wish museums were open on Christmas Day!

    But this year, as we're going to Cuba on New Year's, Christmas is mostly a small detour from all the preparation for that. Taking 30 people along to Cuba involves a LOT of preparation.