Saturday, January 9, 2016

Moss Farming

I want to be a moss farmer and I want the farm to be at the end of the road in the second photo, just beyond the line of trees. (The second photo is one of the new pieces to come out of the studio this week, from a photo Melinda took in The Palouse in Eastern Washington. Wheat country. I doubt there's much moss of any kind there.)

This is the song I hear when I look at that landscape.
I will be "The Happy Farmer" (by Robert Schumann), the happy moss farmer:



  1. My people once had a large lawn that was 99% Moss. People kept telling us to kill it off and re-sow with some more acceptable lawn grass seed, but we kept is as it was; it was beautifully soft to walk and sit on. Will your farm provide Lawn Moss?

    1. Yes Cro, there will be moss for every imaginable purpose.

  2. Oh, I love all of this! The picture reminds me a bit of this little picture I look forward to seeing at the opthamologist's office each year when I go for an exam. You put your eyes to the machine and have to click a little button every time you see a shadow in your peripheral vision. The picture is a long country road at the end of which is a tiny red barn. I might be a total weirdo, but it SPEAKS to me.

  3. So nice to find a fellow moss lover! Back when I had my big house, I used to encourage the moss to spread. I would have been happy with a lawn of moss.