Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pillbugs and Politics

Most of the time this feels finished — this space. I arrived here tonight in search of a particular piece of writing, and stayed a while. Revisited a former self. And reconsidered....

Sucked into the political spin of late, while paying close attention to the natural world. (And yes, the political spin falls into the category of unnatural world.) Every day looking for honeybees, every day not seeing a garter snake, a grasshopper. I read tonight that pill bugs help to clean heavy metals from the soil. Who'd'a thought? Pillbugs, or rollie-pollies, or woodlice, of the family Armadillidiidae. (I said that word out loud, and you should too.)

Thank you, pillbugs, for distracting me from Life. Perhaps if I extracted all political thought from my brain I'd start writing again.


  1. Everyday, every hour, it does dull the brain. What's to become of it all? When I was small, I used to break rollie pollies in half, brat that I was. Sunflowers also soak up toxic things in the soil. They were planted around Chernoble after the nuclear meltdown.

  2. Right now, nature is my saving grace.

  3. OMIGODDESSA you have reappeared.

    I stopped looking.