Friday, August 1, 2008

Haven't felt much like blogging lately,
but here's a good salad:

lettuce greens
heirloom tomatoes
sliced avocado
hearts of palm
Gorgonzola vinaigrette.


Eagerly awaiting my packet of old French stamps.
(And I love that the shipping on them is only $.50.)


Dinner outside tonight, beneath the cedars
and bigleaf maples, under the shadow of clouds.
A good white Bordeaux: pleasing, always,
but especially after slogging it home in SeaFair traffic.

This is a fun game: grab a book, randomly,
and open it randomly, and read a paragraph aloud.
Tonight we heard from Emily Post, E.B.White,
Kaye Gibbons, Larry McMurtry, Mark Twain,
Patricia Highsmith and Margaret Nordfors.
And others.
What joy in being read to, aloud.

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