Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birthday Boy (er, Man)

Alas, I can no longer proudly announce that I'm the mother
of teenaged sons. Oooohhhh, the grass is always greener
on the other side! To be truthful, though, I am delighted
to be the mother to two wonderful young men and
step-mother to two other wonderful young men.
Boys! Men! Yikes! Aswim in testosterone.

My favorite part of N.'s birthday dinner was hanging out
with his friends. I rarely see them anymore, and they are
hilarious and bright and full of life. And there was chocolate
cake with ganache, and vanilla & coffee ice cream. Oh! Oh!


  1. Ooh, that cake!

    Our Italian friends taught us to sing Happy Birthday this way:

    Buon compleanno a te
    Buon compleanno a te
    Buon compleanno a te-eeeee
    Ma, la torta per me
    [But the cake is for me!]

    Here in Austin, it is my cousin's custom to wish *me* a happy birthday, too, on my daughter's day. So, happy birthday (a day late) to you, T., as well as to Nelson.

  2. Have I mentioned that, um, I LOVE cake?

    Last summer in the French Caribbean, there was a Quadrille festival, that included a row of tables that sold desserts. There were tables of nothing but cakes. The most beautifully presented and decorated cakes, with much, much filling and whipped cream -- and that whipped cream never failed in the July heat and humidity of Guadelupe!

    I tried to photograph them, but failed. I did a terrible job mostly at photographing anything from that experience. Dang.

    Love, C.

  3. I could live on cake and nothing but cake.

  4. great pic.

    oh my are you outnumbered. I hope you at least have some female cats or dogs in the fam!!

  5. Yes, the cat is a female, and she's the only one who lives with us!