Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A question:

How many things are in your possession from your childhood?
Three? Three boxes? A houseful? None?
I'm talking ages 0-18 here.
Fluffy bunny kind of stuff.
Run, Spot, run kind of stuff.
Headless Barbies, etc.

How much?

I want to know.


  1. I have the booklet I studied from when I made my First Communion. I think it's autographed by the author. I knew people in high places even then. Carol

  2. i had my toddler/childhood bee (stuffed animal variety) til i was in my 30's...thought oh, it's time to go in that no sense holding onto the stuff of nicknames and worn out icons. it went off in northwest center truck real easy. a few months later i happened into an antique mall-ish store in kirkland--an unheard of territory or act at the time--and there was my no denyin' it beloved bee for sale. that was a sign. i bought it back, and brought it back home where it will live forever. cz

  3. Oh, so embarrassing: I still have at least a closetful and some desk drawers at my mother's house. But Boo-boo, the stuffed dog that no longer says "boo" when you squeeze him, is here at home.

  4. One Ginny doll and my father's teddy bear and his money clip (he died when I was eleven years old). My family turned me away because they could not force me to be like them....I lost everything, including almost all childhood photographs (I have three).

  5. One Barbie one Ken, both intact, 1Raggedy Ann, 2 records (Both made by Disney I might add), 2 childhood photographs of myself. My first violin.

  6. Very little as the house in which I grew up burned down.

    I have many photos though, because my mom made sure I did.

    The Bible I was ordered to purchase with some of the money gifted to me when I was confirmed. I use it often. Last year Vaquero decided to read both Old and New Testaments straight through, in order to find out what all the hoopla was about. He bogged down somewhere in Jeremiah, I think.

    I have a few more books, like Bambi and Ivanhoe and Ben-Hur.

    And some kitchen utensils, like measuring spoons that in reality my mother gave me when I left home -- the sort that used to be given out as gifts by the Farmer's Mill and Elevator and so on. All the women in our community had them, and used them every day, and now I do too. These are connections to my past in a way that nothing else.

    Love, C.

  7. The copy of Stuart Little that I got for my birthday in 1963.

  8. I don't have a single thing! Childhood is a long, long way away as I just turned 75. We moved so much, never long in any one place. But the memories I have and it's been fun recently to share them on my blog.
    I like your blog!

  9. sylvia k -- welcome to Premium-T.!

  10. from my childhood, several books, a small stuffed green corduroy elephant, and a small box of china figurines of angels, fairies, & saints (madonnas exclusively - I was such a good little catholic girl - oh how they fall) - that is it.... my mother ditched all the rest of my childhood treasures one year while I was away at college. she was some sort of frenzied cleaning binge.....I was heartbroken as she tossed all my childhood diaries, all the letters I had saved, etc. - when I discovered this I was heartbroken.....actually given my packrat tendencies I guess I should thank my mother for throwing away all the detritus from my childhood....although I really would like my raggedy ann and the letters from my grandfather....

  11. One doll--Baby Pat-a-Burp--and a amall box of fossils I'd gathered over my first 12 years of life. My mother gave all our toys, books, and comics to a church sale while my sister and I were at Girl Scout camp. She threw the fossils out in the back yard, and I was able to reclaim them. I hid my doll and the box of fossils at my grandmother's house until I had my own apartment.

    I am now a pack rat. Not a surprise.

  12. I also have the edition of Huckleberry Finn that I bought "with my own money" back in 1966 or 7. It cost $2. Going out on what I thought was a limb, I told my parents that Huck Finn was even better than Tom Sawyer. Hey, I knew quality when I read it!