Friday, August 29, 2008

The blog-brain has been non-functioning of late.
But I will say that I've discovered Trader Joe's
very chocolate Mini Meringues
and they've become something of an addiction.
P. won't touch their lovely chalky crunchiness,
which is fine by me. Please! Take them away!
(They remind me of the strawberry freeze-dried
ice cream I took with me on a week-long hike
when I was 15, which I did not reconstitute.
It was sooooo good dry. Like the charms in Lucky Charms.)


How about that Sarah Palin, huh?! Heard that
she's a member of the P.T.A. Now that's an impressive
CV. Go Sarah. (Go back to Alaska. And please,
take Johnny Wattles with you.)

1 comment:

  1. But the glorious thing about meringues is that you can eat them and eat them and...

    Regarding Ms. Palin, I heard that she is also a lifetime card-carrying member of the NRA. I have never been an active member of either (although I write a check each year to the PTA).