Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vote for me!

PLEASE click on this link!!



  1. yes.....T..T...T..T for president. I do have to ask you Mrs. president what happened to that fabulous picture of you and the first man when your camera fell to the ground??

  2. I like the cut of her jib myself!

  3. Pam -- I thought I'd switch it out for something more serene. "First man!" Love it.

  4. I clicked on the link, but couldn't get up the vid nor did I see anything about voting....only an ad below the vid-I couldn't see for tools.....

    oh well I tried!

    good thing I don't often get invited to pool parties the sight of bologna cups might be enough to send me over the edge...oh wait that wouldn't be a problem as long as the pool has water in it....gag