Friday, August 22, 2008

Not really a problem, and yet....

Do other bloggers have this problem? --
Since I started blogging 570 posts ago,
when I run into friends I haven't seen in a while
and we begin to talk about what we've been up to,
their response to my news (about whatever) is usually,
"Oh, I know. I read it in your blog.
(I know that already.)"

But! Wait! I don't write about everything (thankfully!)
that happens in my life! Don't you want more details?
More embellishment?! Does writing a personal blog
mean that I can speak aloud no longer?!

Thank-you for reading this blog.
But there is more, much more.
I'm just sayin'.


  1. It's true. We don't have anything to talk about any more.

  2. I'm not as often a blogger as you, so it has come up only once.

    Tonight I'm going to my high school reunion, where no one has been reading my blog.

  3. Good luck at the reunion. They can be scary things. Didn't go to my 30th....but now I have dreams about it. Yikes. (In the dreams, no one remembers me. Not necessarily a bad thing!)

  4. It's the opposite with me. If I'm asked a question, I just say go read my blog, then I get in my car and drive away. I'm anti-social.

  5. most of my see you every day friends don't read my blog.... in fact I think some of them think that having a blog is kind of like having some sort of std....

    you are welcome, I enjoy reading your blog.

    oh, by the way I heard talk is cheap....

    no seriously blog on sista!!