Sunday, August 3, 2008

Manya Shapiro

An overnight jaunt to Portland (Oregon) to see
Big Sam's Funky Nation and Powell's Books.
Overwhelmed at Powell's probably because I didn't
have any lunch other than Chex Mix from a mini-mart
and Pepsi with ginseng. What was I thinking.
Anyway: books and books and books.
I was looking for maps to use in my collaging
but most modern maps are now water! proofed!
Not so good. Guess I gotta hit Goodwill etc.
Did pick up two William Trevor's, though.

We chanced into a teeny alternative bookstore
which was more my size and energy-level
and discovered all sorts of delights, including
a lot of handmade books, small-press and
self-published stuff which was thoughtfully selected.
Can't remember the name of the store!
But it's worth another trip to Portland.

We supped at Blue Hour in the Pearl District.
Sat in the bar, and everyone I could see was wearing
black and white and sipping pink drinks. Paul said,
"Maybe there's some kind of theme going on...."
Hmm. AT LEAST we weren't the only customers
over 45. Ha. This was decidedly not one of the
younger hip crowds. Older hip, perhaps, yes.
Or at least as hip as older can get.

Had breakfast with some friend's of Paul's
who live on the top floor of a palatial downtown
Portland condo = views and views.
Charming, witty, gregarious people: Howard and
Manya Shapiro. Manya is an artist who "knits" dresses
from soft, pliable wires; weaves baskets -- more like nests,
really -- from similar materials. I was entranced
and couldn't resist taking out my camera:

This last dress is actually constructed from screening.
Amazing pieces!


  1. Love the dresses.

    I don't know about the black and white apparel--but if I were in a Portland bar where people were sipping pink drinks, I would think about The Pink Martinis!

  2. Joannie -- funny that you mention Pink Martini: our hosts at breakfast had just the night before attended a garden party where PM entertained!