Friday, August 15, 2008

An Evening in Paris....

...from what I've saved from childhood.
All the ensembles (which you'll notice I've gathered
together by theme, color, etc.) were painstakingly
sewn (and knitted! Dig the yellow bathing suit!) 
by my mother during the month  of December, 1961. 
I was five. She sold dozens of these ridiculously tiny 
articles of clothing for, I'm guessing, ridiculously low 
prices. She netted about $60. Everything was made 
with leftover scraps. (By the way, the doll is "Midge." 
Don't know what happened to "Tammy." Don't care, either.)
One of the red sweaters belongs to Ken.
Ken left.


  1. What a glorious treasure!! Priceless!

  2. those are so amazing T!
    I'm glad I can picture your mom.
    She had a great smile.What a neat


  3. My mom did the same thing, but just for my dolls, not for pay.

    I feel so badly now, since I appreciated the talent and the effort so little -- the clothes were gorgeous. But I had little interest in dolls, other than having them standin for pirate victims and so on in my imaginary play.

    I did admire tremendously though that she actually constructed perfect minature pockets, both patch pockets and self pockets -- those that are sewn into the seam. That seemed astounding to me. Especially as she'd included tiny handerkerchiefs and tissues.

    Love, C.