Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Nelson's 20th birthday and he has asked for an easel.
This delights me to no end! So he's getting an easel
and a box of Interference Acrylic Paints. It seems
that these days nothing makes him happier than the
act of painting. All throughout his K-12 school years
he drew, painted, sculpted, acted, played the flute.
And then it stopped, when his father died.
Nothing for nearly five years, and now it's back.
Nelson is back.

I bow my head in gratitude.

Amazed at how joy alights, a plain brown bird
blessed with the gift of wings.


  1. happy birthday nelson.... happy that he has reconnected with his art! grief is indeed very strange.....

    hugs, a plain brown mouse....

  2. rk and mouse:

    Thank you thank you!!

  3. That's wonderful T!

    i'm watching the teeniest tiniest
    spider walk along my computer as i write this. so tiny and white.
    about the size of the the head of a pin. white spider baby. every once in awhile it climbs up it's silk and becomes a trapeze artist.

  4. T.this is wondeful anews and happy birthday to Nelson. I am so happy for the joy you now have in your life.

  5. Catching up with your blog, Señora T, I am struck by the beauty with which you live your life.

    Love, C.

  6. foxessa: that's probably the nicest thing anyone has said to me! Many thanks....xoT.