Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Amid the onslaught of daily updates
on the global economic ruination
I am grateful to be busy at my job
making glass art such as this --

and this --

-- and a host of other equally
stunning pieces. Someone somewhere
is still acting the consumer. And (most of)
the galleries we sell to have credit cards
that aren't immediately declined.
Of course, at any point in any day
every order in the to-be-filled file
could be canceled, but so-far so-good.
Taking it one day at a time, one order
at a time, one piece of glass at a time.


  1. Wow-- those objects are stunning-- thanks for sharing them here.

  2. Beautiful work,T.

    Good to know there's spending going on.

  3. Thank you thank you! for your appreciation. If it weren't for T. and the other talented "bees" ... well, let's just say that it does take a village. Or a hive.
    (T, did I massacre enough punctuation yet?)