Saturday, March 7, 2009

For those of you in the Seattle area, Nelson started
his own part-time business doing in-home computer
repairs and consulting. If you need work done, shoot
me an e'mail at
He's good!


Speaking of e'mail, my Comcast account is currently
unable to receive new mail, so I'm a bit bereft
until the problem is fixed, hopefully in the next
24 hours. Paul reminded me that I can still use
my phone to contact people. Oh yeah. That.
I remember the phone!
I was on the Comcast helpline with a tech
in the Philippines this morning for at least
an hour, we reset all sorts of things, emptied
things, signed-in-and-out of things, etc.
Nothing has worked yet, and she/he referred
me on to "higher fix help". Oh boy!


I understand that other people's dreams are boring,
but what is going on when a dream is so completely
fantastic, you wake up astounded and in awe
of the images still very real in your brain?
Last night I visited (in a dream)
a cathedral/graveyard/town in France, built up the side
of a very steep hillside, thousands of feet high,
more elaborate and more complicated than anything
I've ever experienced in waking hours.
Dazzling gardens and architecture and interior design.
I recall having a conversation with an older
French woman who had luminous green eyes
the size of golf balls.
What is the source of this? Well yeah, I know it
originates upstairs here at Premium T., but damn,
that was some fiercely fabulous stuff!


  1. Next time I'm in France, I'll go there (to the dream), and send you a postcard. A dreamcard. A post-dream postcard.

  2. That's when you 1. paint and then 2. contact Lynn at the Annandale Dream Gazette.

  3. Three nights ago I dreamed of dead pharaonic Middle Kingdom republicans, er, palace functionaries, playing golf.

    Love, C.