Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy weekend. Spent most of Friday working on new
paint and collage techniques, researching copyright
issues regarding image use. (Essentially, if it's younger
than a hundred years, it's probably protected. Not that
the copyright police are going to come into my home
and go through my stacks of collage work, but hey.
It's good to know this stuff as I head off to Kinko's
to make laser copies.)

Saturday we saw Duplicity, the new caper flick
starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. Not a lot
of spark between the two (O! For Cary Grant!),
and would have benefited from a lot more wit
and humor. Thumbs down!
Baked Greek cod filets (tomato, onion, garlic,
kalamata olives, parsley, oregano), roasted Yukon
golds and a chopped salad for dinner; a little
strawberry tarte with a lightly sweetened
Greek yogurt filling.

Sunday we hopped on the Mukilteo Ferry for a brunch
and tour of Hedgebrook, a women writers retreat center
set on 40 pastoral & wooded acres with water/mountain views.
Our friend and Executive Director Amy Wheeler invited
us up -- my first visit. Although I've never applied
for a residency here, many of my writer friends
have spent time here, and after yesterday's tour
and delicious brunch (including nettle turnovers!)
I can definitely see the allure. There are, at any given
time between March and November, six or seven
writers in residence, staying for two weeks and up to
two months. Each writer has her own cabin with
woodstove, microwave, tiny fridge, toilet & sink
and a sleeping loft. The cabins are situated among
evergreens and allow as much privacy as one could
possibly want, while letting in rays of sunlight
between fir and cedar boughs. There is a communal
bathhouse and dining room, although I've heard
rumor that breakfast is delivered in a basket to
one's door. Nice! I've never been one to escape
to a retreat to write, as over the years I've come
to accept that I do my best writing at home. But
this certainly is enticing. And the best part:
if you're accepted, it's gratis.

Upon leaving Hedgebrook, we headed north to
Deception Pass -- one of my favorite places in the state.
A bridge connects the northern tip of Whidbey
with the mainland, and the pass itself connects
the Straits of Juan de Fuca with Skagit Bay. You can
walk the narrow walkway beside traffic -- a bit harrowing
but worth it for the views: straight down is eddying
and swirling green saltwater, to the west and east
the vista takes in islands, mountains and more
water. And even better: we were blessed with an entire day
of sun and little wind. Hard to believe, with the
ceaseless rain and grey we've endured for months.

Before heading home, we continued up through
the Skagit Valley to listen to Folichon, a cajun band
playing a gig at the Old Edison Inn. Our friend
Karen England played fiddle -- check out Citizen K.
later today for a video from the event.

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  1. kaboda gardens sunday glorious did you know it's ten acres and has the most variety of trees in one park in america great photos to follow of italian greyhounds and lord knows what in designer sweaters-birthday girl enjoyin life Peter's service at the ruins was elegant and appropos to the taste of the late great Seattle has lost a major he's up there with Kayla Skinner already movin and shakin it up I heard thru the grapevine
    still laernin the ropes of this techno world thanks for the pateince with the edwina of computer world au revoir sa auntionomous