Thursday, March 5, 2009

More beautiful work from my place of employment:

Each of these functional vessels is individually
hand-painted, and they sell at galleries in cities
from coast to coast.
A website is under construction -- I'll be sure
to post it when it's up and running.


I have a suggestion for Mother Nature
in regard to spiders:
First of all, I have to say that I respect
the unique place they occupy in the ecosystem.
I'm not anti-spider in the larger scheme of things.
I just find it unnerving when one crawls towards me
in a haphazard and silent and unexpected fashion.
So my suggestion is that spiders be required
to sound an alarm when approaching a human.
Nothing elaborate, just a simple beeping
would suffice. This is not too much to ask for.


My sister works at Eddie Bauer, and yesterday
one of her customers, in a show of appreciation,
brought her a dozen eggs from his own chickens.
Eggs of varying color and size, from an assortment
of fowl. A fowl bouquet. Bawk bawk.


  1. oh, we REALLY have to get Obama onto the spider-issue. I agree, it's not the spider's fault that I cringe even while typing that word. But a warning alarm would be very useful and allow me to exit the area to higher ground, lock all doors, and find someone else to move it gently to someplace my heebie-jeebies won't cause any offense to it's ego or well-being. I am a VERY small person when it comes to such (unmentionables).

  2. Love the glass - and I can't imagine how one paints like that on a glass surface?

    As for spiders.. I'm okay with them as long as they don't invade my house. But the worst creepy-crawly thing that ever happened to me was waking with a burning sensation on my collarbone, and finding a three inch centipede in my sheets quite alive and p.o.'d. All I can figure is one of my kitties brought it in.

    Araucana eggs? (sp?) So softly colored - delicate and pretty, almost like your glass.

  3. Patrice, I used to have a cat that placed large spiders on my pillow,for my approval. It's no wonder I have spider nightmares!

    About the glass: the artist I work for -- Mary Melinda Wellsandt -- developed the process that we use. It evolves often, and I love having a job where we rarely get stuck in a rut.

  4. These are beautiful. I love the swirls.

  5. oh thank you all for your appreciation. We'll just keep making pretty things, since you seem to like 'em!

  6. Some Pig




  7. Imagine a world where every spider is preceded by a beeping noise. Truly scary. I'd almost rather have them keep their stealthy ways.

  8. well RobinB, You are forcing me to disclose a certain little personal "quirk" I have that, and it may give you more information about my mental soundness than you need... but when (unmentionable) season begins, I make a loud announcement in my home that they need to never be seen by me, that it's NOT their fault (more my own weakness) but if they want to live, they need to stay completely in hiding. Denial is my friend.

  9. Robin, you've got a point there. We'd probably hear continuous beeping!