Friday, March 6, 2009

Five not-necessarily-staples items that
my pantry is never without:

1. fresh lemons
2. bacon
3. capers
4. coconut milk
5. tapioca

How about you?


  1. 1. fresh lemons
    2. bacon or pancetta
    3. capers
    4. olives
    5. sun-dried tomatoes
    6. anchovies (by husband request)

  2. Joannie -- love it! (I've never purchased anchovies.)

  3. oh god i love bacon.

    my husband is out of town this weekend, so i am indulging in BLTs for every meal. maple-smoked bacon. yum.

    i do not think i have ever cooked with a caper in my entire life.

    also... Westport, County Mayo! yes! did you go to Matt Malloy's pub?

  4. laurie -- thanks for stopping in! My husband and I love to slip in to Matt Molloys in the afternoon and get an Irish coffee -- not too crowded, and it's great to sit at the bar. Evenings are a bit crazy there, though. (We have a house in Westport, but don't get there as often as we want to. Alas.)

  5. Hey T, Just out of curiosity--tapioca? Is it for anything other than making tapioca?

  6. 1. kibble (by kitten request)
    2. coffee
    3. cream (I first wrote 'dream'--almost left it)
    4. homemade chicken broth
    5. fresh lemons or limes
    6. hot sauce(s)
    7. black pepper and pepper and pepper
    8. yuzu (new favorite)

  7. Robin -- just for making tapioca. And it should really be the "minute" kind, because currently I have the "three-year" kind. That's just too long. And the funny thing is that I hardly ever make tapioca, but life just isn't complete unless it's in my cupboard. Weird, I know.

    Melinda -- coffee, hot sauce(s), pepper: yes yes yes! (These actually go without saying, along with vanilla, Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, unsweetened cocoa, butter. I'll stop now!)

  8. oh my gosh you have a HOUSE in westport???

    man oh man.

    i want a house in donegal.

  9. 1. limes
    2. jalapenos
    3. capers
    4. soy milk
    5. Dulcolax

  10. laurie -- Donegal is amazing.

    Ima -- the last item on your list: LOL!! I have to admit that I've never cooked with dulcolax. :)

  11. It's there for AFTER you cook.....

  12. 1. Remote Control

    2. ESPN

    3. Beer

    4. The Godfather, Parts 1 and 2

    5. Couch for napping

  13. Lauie-- Donegal is spectacular. We spent two days last summer touring the Inishowen Peninsula, and even had a pint in Ireland's northernmost pub. See if you can find a novel called Inishowen by Joseph O'Connor -- it's a winner.

  14. K. -- Hmm....can you saute some ESPN for dinner tonight? And I'd like the couch for dessert, thank you very much!

  15. I think we need a definition of 'pantry.' When I think of a pantry I think of a cupboard with maybe canned stuff and other nonrefrigerable items. (Bacon and cream would not be viable pantry items.) That said, my pantry would always contain nuts (present company excluded), tarragon, cinnamon, Ritz, coffee beans, Cadbury bars, and Tiger Sauce [Try It (TM)]. Which reminds me, how can you trademark an everyday phrase like "Try it"?

  16. Blogalot -- yep, that's right, "pantry" belongs in quotation marks.
    It's a loose term in Premium T.'s dictionary. (Citizen K. obviously is confused, although he does know where the kitchen is....) In Reilly's chef-talk, "pantry" means salad and dessert. Huh?

  17. It all depends on whether you mean a literal pantry or a symbolic pantry.