Friday, March 13, 2009

For Hire

In the interest of my personal checking account
(as in "hey Mom, can I borrow/have some $$?")
I am posting Work Wanted for son #2.
He's nearly finished with his Culinary Arts program,
and can whip up a fantastic meal in the comfort
and privacy of your very own home, for a reasonable
price. Last Monday he delivered and served lunch
to my place of employment, for six people,
$10/person. We had roasted potatoes and smoked
salmon on a blood-orange hollandaise, with mixed
greens and marinated purple cauliflower on the side.
You can enjoy this too, if you live in the Seattle area.
(Or somewhere else, but you have to spring for airfare.)
For a testimonial on Monday's lunch, click here.
Believe me, he's good.


  1. man, if only. sounds a lot better than the microwave-in-a-bag meal i had the other night.

    good luck to him.

  2. Indeed he is, good. Really good. And on time, and... did I mention good? Yummm..

  3. Pam, I mean that this is the 2nd work-wanted post for my sons, Nelson's work-wanted being the first. Hope that makes sense! Sometimes I don't even make sense to myself. Ah, the middle-aged female brain.....

  4. I understand. Relax and enjoy. Sorry you all missed some of the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen.