Sunday, March 8, 2009

When the snow stops in Seattle I'll put up
a different photo at the top of this blog.
Until then, it's pink buds and white fluff.
(Come on, Mother Nature, this is Seattle.)


Still no e'mails. I've had five virtual "chats"
with Comcast representatives in the Philippines
(Wina, Christopher, Analise, Mariane, and one
more I can't remember.) Each tech has proudly
announced to me that he/she has solved
the problem! I assure you! Fixed!
Thank-you very much! How are you today?
How can I assist you? Blah blah blah.
Now I've been told to wait an additional
24 hours so they can locate the errant
e'mails and point them in my direction.
We'll see. If you see any e'mails wandering
around in the ether or techosphere
please tell them it's time they headed home.
Dinner is getting cold.
And I'm not waiting up.