Sunday, April 19, 2009

The thimbleberries are in bloom....

as well as the skunk cabbages --

and the trillium(s).

In early morning light the undergrowth glows
a fluorescent lime. A moment ago there were two rabbits
in the yard, and now I hear the flicker calling
for a mate. A trio of Stellar's jays skitter about
in the dying branches of the photinia: leaf-spot,
and nothing to be done for it except uprooting.


  1. Lovely photos & lovely poem, too. I have some fond memories of picking thimbleberries over in this part of the world; they certainly are a delicate berry, but tasty.

  2. Thanks, John! (I hadn't thought of the text as a poem, just a bit of doodling.)

    And thimbleberries are delicate. My recollection of them is that they begin to disappear the minute you pick them, and are nearly a memory by the time they hit your tongue....

  3. WoW! Gorgeous photos and colors! I love your description, too, as if I am standing there in the morning quiet....

  4. Spring is in full flow here in Mayo. Our swallows and house martins are back at the house, house sparrows are established in a nest box at the back door. Dandelions everywhere, the daffodils now past their best. And that early GREEN, very delicate, very new, gone by June.