Monday, November 19, 2007

......and more Jell-O

I dug up my circa-1970 Joys of Jell-O cookbook
and just couldn't resist sharing some tidbits
with you! I was especially delighted to find
the Ring-Around-the-Tuna photo online -- the same
photo as in the book. Notice how the pimentos
in the olives contrast with the green gloss
of the lime Jell-O! Stunning! And what a sparkle
those radish roses add!

Here are some more recipes to savor:
--Continental Cheese Mold ( I throw my moldy cheese
away, but, hey, maybe I'm missing something here.)
--Cauliflower Radish Salad (Cauliflower and Jell-O?
Together? Not on my table.)
--Orange Glazed Duck (Orange Jell-O on cooked duck.)
--Orange Ginger Whip (Sounds kinky.)
--Herb-Glazed Sandwiches (Again, just wrong: "Place
sanwiches on a rack and pour syrupy gelatin over them.
Chill until glaze is firm."
--Richelieu Molds (Jell-O a la Francais. Non non non!!)

Okay, here's something that's actually pretty cool,
if you consume Jell-O (and I will admit, even after
all this, that I am fond of certain Jell-O concoctions):
Crown Jewel Dessert (pictured above), also known as
Broken Window Glass Cake. It gets points for the title
alone. I think I prefer the pie version.

Recipes available upon request.

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