Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's pepper season at MacPherson's Produce, and yesterday
I bagged a bowlful of red, yellow and orange rocoto peppers,
because the sign said " sweet and mild." While Nelson and I
were cutting them up (really beautiful black seeds!) I started
to cough and cursed this two-week cold. Then Nelson began
to cough. Then my hands began to burn, but I didn't think
much of it. We tossed them with balsamic vinegar and olive
oil, the roasted them with some cipollini onions. When I opened
the oven to check on them, I got a rush of heat -- not from the
temperature of the oven, but from the peppers --
and actually burned my face, mildly.
These were not mild peppers!!
N. tasted one and confirmed this. Yowza!
We plan to turn them over to the Hot Sauce King, Reilly.
He'll transform them into something of wonder, I am confident.

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