Tuesday, February 17, 2009

La Belle Julia

I finished My Life in France, by Julia Child -- recommended
if you're a foodie or have any interest in the gastronomy
of Gaul, or just plain good writing. Intelligent and exhaustive,
it not only documents a post-war cultural sensibility,
it illustrates just how valuable the presence of a loving
and supportive partner is -- yes, thinking of you, Paul!
(I have to point out that Ms. Child's husband's name
was also Paul....)

Bon Appetit!


  1. Have you heard about the upcoming film about Julia Child starring Meryl Streep as Child?

  2. From what little I know of Julia Child's biography, not only was her husband tremendously supportive, but she also remained supportive of him through his difficult final days-- I believe he suffered from some form of dementia. Julia Child is a hero of both mine & Eberle's-- she had such gusto mixed with graciousness; a really remarkable woman.

  3. I'll put it on my list. Did you ever read On Rue Tatin?

  4. Collin -- thanks for the heads up -- just looked this up: it's an adaptation of Julie Powell's book Julie and Julia, which I own but haven't yet read.

    John, her sense of humor was tremendous, and she was fearless. An inspiration in every sense of the word!

    Robin -- no -- should I?!

  5. T--I'm reluctant to recommend it because I know how you feel about memoirs. It has some great recipes. Depends on how you feel about Under the Tuscan Sun-type "I'm living in a different country and this is what I think about that..." books. The world seems divided between people who love Frances Mayes and her ilk and those who can't stand her! As always, I'd love your opinion...