Friday, February 6, 2009

Today's News

I recommend you cruise on over to Eff Stop Local,
a new photo-blog by my friend Sean, who documents
the urban/suburban landscape with a keen imagination
and a droll sense of humor.


In other news, unemployment among cats
is at the usual high: 100%. And is there anything
in the sullen eyes of the felines below that makes
you think they are going to go out anytime soon
and look for work?!


  1. Is the other one Marly? I recognize the silly Sally. Kittens!

  2. 110% at our house. Little buggers.

  3. Melinda, that is Marly, or Marble Cake, as I currently say. They look like convicts in these photos.
    Convicted Felines! (As opposed to felons.)

  4. Marly! Great to see the little princess.

  5. oh, I have a convicted feline over here. convivial, usually cordial, sometimes curmudgeonly, certainly cute, but with cutter claws...

  6. I have a cat sleeping on my legs. That's his job.

  7. Joannie, is the cat sleeping on your lap hourly or is he/she on salary?

  8. Our cat, Scabby, says she goes regularly to the Jobcentre to look for a job but, according to her, there have been no vacancies for rat catchers for some years now. Apparently, it's a much sought after job. Her CV states her main hobby is snoozing.

  9. My cats flip dead (or dying) birds around the room at, oh, 3 AM. This is, according to them, their actual job. To entertain me. The birds do not find this entertaining, however.

  10. bath -- sounds like your cats are working the graveyard shift. At least they have jobs.