Saturday, May 2, 2009

A (very) short video of Coal Creek Falls
from our walk (hike) yesterday at
Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park.
For more photos, click here.
The day was nearly balmy; a warm breeze
rustled the painfully-new green of alders
and vine maples. I grew up almost in the back yard
of this park, and walking through these ravines
and ferny glens is as close to a sacramental experience
as I'm likely to get these days.
I'd like to climb a tree and perch awhile
among the chattering finches.
And just be silent.


  1. Have we ever made you watch the several hours of live Cougar Mtn footage we made featuring 3-year-old Nick? Best part of course is my dry "director's commentary" on the soundtrack...

  2. I love the west coast. My brother's in Victoria, BC. A real nature boy.

  3. Blogalot! No! Thankfully!

  4. It looks as if faeries and elves might pop out at any moment!